Artist Statement

Tuscan Sunset with Mountains


“Realize that everything connects to everything else.” 
― Leonardo da Vinci

Tides of emotion are the guideposts of my life. Through my art, I endeavor to understand and express the human condition, our passions, the world we live in, and all our interconnections. My process involves exploring color and texture and letting the materials guide me to the outcome. I generally have no preconceived ideas of what I want a piece to look like before I commence. I simply begin and see what evolves. Sometimes things happen randomly and completely by accident. Sometimes I  struggle for long periods of time with an image or idea before it is resolved. Sometimes, I find myself suddenly seeing what the work wants to be in my mind and moving automatically until the vision is realized on the canvas. However it happens, it is about the eternal connections of humans, animals, nature, and the universe.